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Thursday, March 16, 2017

We are comparing Johaan’s and Justine’s taonga.  Justine’s taonga is a book about daycare and Johaan’s taonga is a floor lamp.  The word taonga is the maori word for treasure.

Both of our taonga are different because they are made out of different materials.   Our taonga are different because Justine ‘s  is made by her mum ‘s cousin ‘s  friend  but Johaan‘s taonga is from his great, great, great grandparents.  Justine’s book isn’t painted but Johaan’s floor lamp is painted.

Our taonga are similar because they both are the same size. Our taonga are the same because they were both made a long time ago.  Both taonga are the same because they are both from our family.   They are the same because they are old.

Even though if it is an old thing it is still a taonga because taonga can be anything.  
A tree can also be a taonga because they provide oxygen that people and animals can breathe.  We think that taonga are very precious to us and our family because they related to our family.

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