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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Awful Auntie character description

Awful Auntie is not a nice auntie. Awful Auntie is the auntie of a young girl called Stella who is 12 years old. She is also the main character of the story Awful Auntie.

Awful Auntie is cruel and horrible to her young niece Stella. Whenever she tells her a bedtime story she changes them to have bad ending like Jack and the beanstalk. “When Jack was climbing the beanstalk, it snapped and Jack splatted on his mother! The end.” Awful Auntie is also a mean cheater in tiddly winks because when the other player isn’t looking she changes the can to a taller one which makes it impossible for the other player to get the winks in. “Ahahahah” laughs Awful Auntie. Awful Auntie is as mean as a angry tiger.

Awful Auntie is ugly and weird because she wears old hunting tweed clothes all the time. She also wears a hat with ear flaps and has an ancient smoking pipe. She has fat stubby fingers that her owl likes to perch on.

Awful Auntie likes to cheat in tiddly winks and play naughty tricks on people like when she got her brother a spider for Christmas or when she wrapped Stella in bandages and told her all her all bones were broken but they were not. Awful Auntie is as naughty as a kid that never cleans its room.

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  1. Now I get it !!! That's why she is called Awful Auntie.