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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


CinderellaImage result for cinderella wearing rags                                                  

Once upon a time there lived a young girl with a kind heart. Her name was Cinderella. As time passed her mother died and her father married again. He married a  wicked step mother along with her cruel daughters. They wouldn’t treat Cinderella kindly. Every time they would go to special occasions, they would leave Cinderella in charge of all the housework. She would mop the floor, tidy the rooms, do the dishes and whenever she got tired she sat in front of the warm fire place.

One day a letter from the Prince arrived to their doorstep. It was an invitation to the royal dance ball. Cinderella really wanted to go but of course her evil stepmother wouldn’t let her. As she disappointedly said goodbye, a flash of light shone into Cinderella's face. It was her mother! “ What are you doing here mother?” ,asked Cinderella.
“ I am here to tell you that you can go to the ball” explained her mother. Cinderella looked down at her torn up rags she was wearing.
” How am I  supposed to go to the ball when I’m wearing rags?”
“ I can help you with that”, her mother said. Cinderella stood very still as her mother conjured a spell.
“ I'll make you get a dress, and  change the pumpkin into a carriage.”  Everything had changed. Even the six donkeys were changed into beautiful white horses. She felt the glass shoes on her feet move with her. “You must come back when the clock chimes 12. Then the magic will be gone.”
“Ok mother,” replied Cinderella. Image result for cinderella

Cinderella rode to the ball in her pumpkin carriage. When Cinderella arrived her stepmother and stepsisters didn't even recognise her!  Once it was Cinderella's turn to dance with the prince, he soon fell in love with her beauty and her smile. Image result for cinderellaCinderella also felt the same with the prince. The prince was strong and handsome. Cinderella didn't notice how long she'd been dancing. She got nervous that the clock had chimed 12 already. “Phew. It's only 11:30,” Cinderella mumbled to herself. Soon all the gentlemen wanted to marry Cinderella, but Cinderella knew that she couldn't marry anyone she hasn't met yet. Finally the prince decided to marry Cinderella and nobody heard of of the evil stepmother and stepsisters ever again. Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after.                                                             

                                                              The End

This week we have been writing narratives and had to change the ending. I changed my ending by instead of the clock chiming 12, Cinderella and the prince married and lived happily ever after.

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  1. Justine, you have used interesting words and phrases in your fairy tale which help it to be interesting to read like: arrived to their doorstep and conjured. - Mrs T