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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach description

Waves crash against the water surface as it makes the sand damp. Bushy trees tower over the sand creating shade for the hungry seagulls. The cove sits proudly among cliff. The horizon stretches its arms out to the vast expanse of the sand and water. In the distance there are wee islands that meander up and down.

The smell of salt water gushed through my nostrils. Rotting shellfish form a ghastly reek which overtakes the fresh smell of the grass. The scent of the sunscreen makes me cringe as it disgustingly pours down my body. The smell of luscious fish and chips makes my body tingle with excitement.

A calm breeze blows sand all over the beach effortlessly. The gust of wind makes the trees sway side to side. A wave of water squeezed between my toes to meet the dry sand and then retreats back to the ocean ferociously. Warmth from the sun radiates the rocks and sand on the beach.

There is absolutely nothing better than relaxing at the beach and feeling the sand beneath my feet. Once we arrive to the beach I’m always saying “ When can we go swimming?”, or  “Why does it take so long to unpack?”. I love the beach. What do you think?

This week we have been writing descriptions. In my writing I think I did a good job of using different vocabulary.


  1. Justine you have used some wonderful vocabulary!!! eg: scent, cringe, disgustingly. Great job!!! - Mrs T

  2. Justine i like the way you used lot of descriptive words